The Impact of smartphone on the new generation – Complete Case Study

The Impact of smartphone on the new generation is pretty much what you have seen on TV. But in real life situations, things are more complicated and the smart phone is going to connect you with the world and take you to the global one within no time.

In the previous scenario, the smart phones were not so popular. When smartphones were new in India in 2008, even in smart phones you had to spend a lot of money.

But over time smartphones were getting cheaper and people were spending more and more on the smartphones. Now almost in every market and every market in each market is now equipped with smartphone.

When smartphones come into play, smartphones are replacing both the current generation and the new generation. However, what we are seeing in the new generation is not about getting smart phones to play a game or use Facebook, but the smart phones are being given priority in college and making smart phones in the future.

It’s been six months since my graduation and I am still making use of the smartphone in the college. One of the reasons why smartphones are used in colleges is the fast internet speed.

The previous generation was not so much about texting but they were getting the job done within no time. But the new generation is about texting and keeping in touch with people in real time. Smartphones are also used for learning, updating and doing online work.

Smartphone has completely changed the way education is being accessed. The smartphone has completely changed the way education is being accessed. The smartphone has completely changed the way education is being accessed.

The smartphone has completely changed the way education is being accessed. It has completely changed the way parents teach their children in the classroom.

For example, if we talk about mathematics or language, the teachers are not going to teach them the theory but rather using the smartphone they are going to give them tests from time to time.

Then, they are going to tell their parents what they have learnt. If parents are not able to understand the problem, they will let their kids use smart phones and smart phones will solve the problem.

Another area where the smartphone is making a difference is in the elderly care. People are able to look after themselves. Like some elderly people were losing their memory and their brains were not working properly, now they are taking care of themselves. They can watch the news or read the newspaper.

Smartphone in the classroom –

Not only in the classroom but also in the college. In colleges now you see the smart phones connected to the servers. The smart phone comes with a data plan. When you take a selfie, you will upload the picture to the server on the smart phone.

Similarly when you talk to your friends or use the apps, they are connected on your smartphone. On the phone, if someone asks a question on Facebook or when the phone starts making an emergency call, it will connect to the server and the caller will be connected with the server. When the smartphone disconnects, the smart phone will automatically reconnect itself.

Smartphone in the choice –

Smartphones have come to be a favourite in most of the smartphones. Today you can see smartphones being sold in the smart phones. For example, the new iPhones are now called as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro. Smartphones have also taken a different path. In the earlier time when smart phones were getting cheaper, most of the companies had introduced smart phones in smartphones.

Like for example, the smartphone came in two varieties, regular smartphones and smart phones. But in the smart phones, phones were getting smarter. The smart phones are getting smarter than the smart phones.

For example, the phones are getting smarter in the aspect of entertainment and sports. If we talk about the entertainment and sports part, today people are able to get the latest music or video to their smartphone within minutes. Smartphones have taken this sport to a whole new level.

Conclusion –

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