The Future of Technology you should know!

The Future of Technology will put every complex and mind blowing things in our hand. Those smart phones will be much smarter than humans and capable of dealing with the rising technologies like AI, Virtual Reality, Autonomous Cars etc.

On August 1, 2016, Google and Apple has introduced the Smartphone so smart. And, it is one of the devices with a Artificial Intelligence.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is the Smartphone with the A11 Bionic Processor. As per A11, the smartphone has an upgraded motion co-processor for more accurate motion detection of movements and other user inputs. The A11 Bionic Processors are based on the newest 7nm technology in the smartphone technology, providing up to 30 percent faster speed and up to 60 percent greater efficiency in CPU, GPU and power efficiency.

Google’s newest smartphone, also has an artificial intelligence on top of its processor to cope with the new user interface.

After a discussion with Nikkei Asian Review, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s Senior Vice President of Platforms and Programs, stated that Android Nougat 7.0 was carefully engineered to support the newest AI based services.

The smartphones of Apple and Google are working on all the user interface and process like Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality Features, AI-powered cameras, Artificial Intelligence, Smartphones with large touchscreens etc.

The future world will be more bright in terms of technology than the present one, according to Sid Mokhtarian, chief strategy and research officer of ABI Research.

Just look at the evolution of the smartphone – which now comes in every variety with every type of feature, according to Mokhtarian – and the emergence of smart assistants, which includes Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Assistant.

By 2022, futuristic smartphones will be used for personal, family and business purposes more than for communication. Smartphones will be used to act as smart security systems, smart speakers to act as smart alarms and smart televisions to play all kinds of media. Smartphones will also be used for shopping online, which will bring in over $6 trillion in revenue, according to ABI Research.

That’s not all, thanks to AI, phones will be able to carry out all the tasks, such as translating, interpreting and conveying messages and information, that would be impossible on today’s smartphones. Smartphone users will also experience more efficient lifestyles, having smartphones and AI services in their pockets, according to Mokhtarian.

AI is essentially about people and technologies using data to create software capable of doing any task – for instance, like creating computer algorithms to recognize images.

By 2025, consumers will have the opportunity to interact with AI in a way they don’t experience today. Such applications will enable people to interact with a variety of devices and wearables through smartphones, like talking to smartphones, playing music through headphones or hearing audio warnings through smartwatches.

Smartphones will be able to recognize people and objects using AI and recommend actions, as opposed to their current dependence on users to create content for smartphones, according to Mokhtarian. AI will be used to create natural language processing, which will be a voice-activated device.

Conclusion – Future of Technology

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