Is Blogging alive in 2021 – Myths Busted!

If you want to know that blogging is alive in India or not then you will be surprised to know that the scope of blogging is much higher here than you think. In fact, India is emerging as a hub for blogging as the opportunities have increased dramatically. Earlier, there were just a handful of blogging websites in India, which have now expanded to hundred plus sites.

Why do we say, bloggers are emerging in India?

First of all, it has been noted by digital media monitoring firm Socialbakers that in 2016, India had the highest number of online bloggers on any specific country’s bloggers’ community. According to the research, there are more than 40% bloggers from India.

According to Digital Media Monitoring, India’s bloggers were 2.6% in 2014. Now, this has increased to 2.6% in 2016. The study was carried out across 4 countries – Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia and Turkey.

Barry Gilway, Content Director at Socialbakers was quoted by Business Insider as saying: “The number of blogging sites in India has increased rapidly. At the same time, a lot of new social media users have begun blogging. The world of bloggers continues to expand globally.”

Gaurav Sharma, Social Media Analyst and Content Writer at Digital Media Monitoring, said, “The scene is definitely more vibrant in India than we would usually imagine. If we look back at the launch of blogging in India, we cannot believe that India ever existed in this space. From blogs to connecting through social media, these new platforms have changed the face of how we connect in the world.”

The recent survey conducted by Socialbakers includes 170 countries, ranking according to the number of bloggers on top social media websites.

While, India was declared the best country to get into blogging and sharing content, it is also the country with the most number of bloggers on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s worth noting here that many social media users think that blogging is just a waste of time, without realising that it has gained huge popularity worldwide.

According to the recent survey carried out by Socialbakers, Nigeria tops the list with 120.9% bloggers. In the social media space, the competition is so tough that one of them has to have at least 50 social media followers in order to start blogging.

Is blogging for you?

These days, bloggers are starting to venture into many things such as social media, blogging, entrepreneurship and even travelling. Whether it is blogging or social media, we will tell you that every blogger has his own reasons and goals for blogging. The main objective of every blogger is to share his thoughts and ideas with the world and promote the topic.

“A record number of 31,328 bloggers published more than two posts in 2015 on their sites, up 26 percent from 2014, and up 55 percent from 2009, according to a survey conducted by Socialbakers.”

Some of the bloggers are engaged in blogging just for fun or the high of reaching out to people, while others are just trying to reach out people with specific contents. The aim for bloggers is not just to achieve a particular target but to spread their views through different platforms, which makes blogging interesting for the purpose.

For instance, blogging is becoming a great way to connect people with serious topics. Now, every online blogging portal is facing a huge competition and in order to become successful, you need to be in the right place in time. Just getting your first few thousand followers on social media is not enough and this may change later. It is the right time for you to take your blogging to the next level.

And what if you have started blogging for something specific and have already received tens of thousands of followers? Let’s review some steps to guide you through and get you the perfect blogging strategy:

You need to have a distinct blog domain

The domain for the blog domain is a crucial factor for every blogger. Most of the blogging sites are hosted on the own domain but you will have to buy a domain for your blog and this is one of the key components that you will need to consider before you start blogging.

Your blog needs to be set up in such a way that it attracts the right audience

Writing a blog for the blog is different from writing a blog for social media. The audience in social media needs to reach out to you directly, whereas you will have to get them to your blog.

This is a really important step for bloggers. This means that the articles need to be well written in order to attract the audience and they should ideally be well edited and professionally edited.

If you are starting from a new page in social media, you will be able to get the right audience for the blog. Social media attracts a lot of people and they love to share posts.

If you want to build a brand in the social media world, you have to get social media followers and social media attention.

Not just the audience, you also need to target them, get them to come to your blog and in the process, gain a lot of followers.

If you are just starting out on social media and getting a few hundred followers, you can easily get your blog to reach out to the online audience. You can get a blog just in a matter of days.

As mentioned earlier, this is a key step for the blogger because he needs to make it popular for the future.

You will need to focus on the social media and online marketing of the blog as well, in order to get the online audience.

Write quality content that is relevant to your blog

When writing content for the blog, you will be looking to get the right ideas and topics from your audience. But what about your own ideas? What are your ideas and topics? Just write the right content and post it. You don’t have to copy a template. Writing a blog requires a lot of hard work and time to get it to be the right content.

Just keep trying to get better and better every time you post something. As you are writing more and more, you will start feeling the right pattern. You may want to improve the content to a certain extent in order to make it the best. Then just try to publish the article on social media platforms. This will help you in getting a lot of traffic. And once you start getting traffic, then your blog will be on a great level.

Write posts consistently

There is no point trying to post a post only once. Also, people have different likes and dislikes and as the blog grows, it will require some improvements. Every time you post a new article, it will require some changes. It is the same thing in social media, which means that the articles have to be revised over time.

Many bloggers write one post and then they take it down. This is a wrong strategy and this will only bring bad publicity for the blog. The best strategy for the blogger is to write the content on a regular basis. You have to write a post regularly every month. Post regularly every day, every week, every month and even every month.

You can follow other bloggers to see what kind of content they are posting. Then you can choose the topics that are most popular for you and write content based on that. The more content you write, the more chances you will get to get more followers, visibility, and influence.

But remember, to get more traffic, you will have to write quality content. Writing quality content is not just posting only about one idea in a post. It is a lot of planning as well.

When you are writing the content for the blog, you have to write it in the same rhythm as the social media. If you are blogging in social media, then your posts have to be posted at a certain time and in a certain sequence. You have to follow the timelines for your blog and you have to publish the articles on a specific day.

Bloggers who are able to publish in a consistent pace, will get more traffic. Bloggers who are publishing on a regular basis will also get more followers and generate more traffic.

Use lots of social media profiles and networks

Once you start building a brand, you will need to connect with the online audience. You will need to build social media profiles for each network that you are a part of. When you are connecting with the online audience, you should use multiple social media profiles for each network. Also, you should not keep posting in all of your profiles. You will need to stay updated in all of your profiles so that you are in a good position with your audience. This is the best strategy for the blogger.

Now let’s take a look at how to use the different social media networks and networks to build a brand.

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