How to Start a Blog and Make Money (In September 2021) – The Phenomenal Guide

Getting Passionate to start a blog & have craved to get paid by Blogging. Yes, It is possible.

Want to enter in the field of blogging? Whew, After a couple of minutes, You’ll about to become a member of the Blogging Community.

This guide will let you create a profitable blog, even a non-technical person can also follow this step by step guide to start a blog.

What is a Blog?

A blog is the bunch of informational contents where one can share their ideas, memory, knowledgeable contents.It is a type of virtual diary, that is stored digitally and anyone can view it in worldwide. A blog is an astounding medium by which you can interact with people. It is the written and graphical way to teach someone.

Things Required to Start a Blog?
  • PC, Laptop, Or a Smartphone (Any One).
  • Need Some (Digital) Money to Spend after a couple of minutes.
  • No Qualifications and Degrees Needed.
  • 20-30 Minutes attention for this mission.

The Guide will cover each and every point regarding starting a blog, So hold your chair tightly and move on!


How to Choose an Advantageous Niche to Start a Blog?

How-to-find-niche - Start a Blog
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Niche is the topic on which your blog will based on. In Simple Words, it will be the subject, you’ll write about on your blog.

Finding a scenic niche might be the most complex work of the hour.

There are mainly 3 types of Niches –

Single Niche

The Blog is based on a Single Niche and covers merely one topic, for example – Blogging Lecture (covers the aspects of Blogging).

Micro Niche

The Blog is based on Micro Topics and dedicated to only that niche. For example – Hosting Facts (covers the aspects of hosting).

Multi Niche

The Blog is based on Multi Topics and covers multiples niches not only works on a particular topic. For Example – NDTV (covers the aspects of Gadgets, News, Sports, etc.

If you’re struggling with finding a perfect niche for your blog, then these points may help you –

Identify your Skills and Capabilities

Test yourself!

  • What you can do?
  • What are your interests?
  • In which thing you’re Champion?
  • What are the things you can do without being tired?

If you think that you’re good in any field, and I can teach far superior than others, then your search gets an end.

Identify What Query you can Solve

If you’re expert in something and you have better knowledge about anything. Like if you can solve technical troubles then you can also choose it.

Identify the Future Market Value

Newbies often do these mistakes, that select such a niche that doesn’t have any market value.

Let’s Understand it as an example –

If a person starts a 4-wheeler repairing centre in a small village.

When no one needs 4-wheeler repairing, and customers are not driving to his shop then what is the profitability of that work?

So, the same things apply to your Blog Niche. Always go with such a niche that has market value and future profitability.

How to Find a Reliable Platform (CMS) to Host your Site?

CMS - Start a Blog
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To host a Blog/Website, you need a Content Management System (CMS). It creates a panel for you by which you can manage your all digital data of your site.

Since there are lots of content management system available in the market. Most are free and some are paid.

Some of them are listed below –

  • – It is a product of Google and is free. It holds an extension ( when you create your blog using it. You can also setup TLD with it.
  • – It is a website builder with over 30 million users worldwide. It holds an extension ( when you create a blog using it. It also has both free and paid version.
  • – It is a drag and drop website builder with limited features. You need to go for the paid version for plugins and third-party app.
  • – It is a network of millions of personal blog. It is easy to create a blog on it. It is price free platform that holds ( extension.
  • – It is a platform that allows you to create your blog with ease but has limited features, it holds an extension (
  • – It is a widely used platform to create a self-hosted website. It carries lots of functionality and is known as a self-hosted account.

Over 30% of the blogs hosted on CMS. People love to use it.

Let’s have a look Why you should choose to start a blog?

WordPress is Free of Cost – is completely free of cost. You can download and use it at no any cost but you need a domain name and hosting to set up it.

You have to pay for domain and hosting not for WordPress. In this way, is fully free of cost.

WordPress offers Useful Plugins (theme also) –

It provides multi-talented plugins that makes it different from other platforms.

There are 50,000+ Plugins available on WordPress Store, you can download and upload it through the dashboard and improve your site functionality in several ways.

WordPress is Easy to Use and SEO friendly

It is very easy to use, customize, design. There are lots of features such as one-click update, you can also manage your site by using its mobile application.

It is well optimized, most of the result appears in Google search is the site that made with WordPress CMS, search engines also prefer it.

A domain is a unique name or Identity and web address (URL) of any blog by which people used to find you.

It is mainly made up of 3 parts: Subdomain, Domain and Top-level Domain (Extension) with Protocol for security factors.

Mistakes to avoid before buying a Domain Name?

  • A Domain Name should be short (max 10-15 characters).
  • Stick with .com domain extensions only as it is targeted to all over the world and provides additional benefits directly and indirectly.
  • Enter your niche keyword in domain, it will help you in SEO.
  • Don’t include Numbers, Special Characters in Domain Name as it seems to be unprofessional. E.g. –, etc.
  • Never use Odd Words in Domain like etc.
  • Avoid using an existing brand name in your domain like
How to Check Domain Name Availablity (Click to Enlarge)

To purchase a domain, it must be available. It may be possible that someone else had purchased your domain already.

You can also check the availability by going to a domain registrar or with Domain Checker Tool.

Go to Instant Domain Search and Enter your Domain Name.

If your Domain will available then it will appear in Green Colour.

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And If your Domain has been taken by someone else, then it will appear in Red Colour.

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It was only for checking domain availability, We’ll teach you later to Purchase Domain Name (with hosting).

How to Choose Trustworthy Hosting to Start a Blog?

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What is Web Hosting? (Click to Enlarge)

Hosting is the place where your sites got live, and are accessible from all over the world.

In simple word, you must have hosting to upload your website on the internet, like you upload photos on social media to make it visible for everyone worldwide.

The faster the Hosting, the much faster the Website.

Also, Selecting a bad hosting might be the reason for the site down, taking too much time to load, showing errors, etc.

The 4 Different Types of Hosting –

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Shared Hosting – In Shared Hosting, the websites resides on the same server. And made to handle a decent amount of traffic and for Beginners.

VPS Hosting – It is a Virtual Private Server and is also like the Shared Hosting, where the website resides on one server but it is quite powerful than Shared.

Cloud Hosting – In Cloud Hosting, Multiples Servers are connected to each other to spread the Files Data, Bandwidth, etc. that are used to power one system.

Dedicated Hosting – In Dedicated Hosting, the user owns an entire server which is not shared to anyone. These types of hosting are too expensive.

Which Hosting Should you Choose for your Blog?

Definitely, Shared Hosting. It is best for beginners and it easily maintains a decent amount of traffic (visitors) on Blog.

Since there are tons of (Shared) Hosting Providers are in the market.

Some of them are given below –

  • Siteground
  • A2Hosting
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Dreamhost
  • WPX Hosting
  • InMotion Hosting

Again, From which provider you should purchase Hosting and build your trust?

Precisely, You Should head over to Siteground Hosting (also Blogging Lecture’s choice).

Why, Let’s See Some Proofs!

Performance – Loading time plays an important role in SEO. And an only good hosting would maintain page speed perfectly.

You can see in the snapshot below, the site loading time is 649 milliseconds, that’s amazing!

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It offers 99.99% uptime, that’s more than enough to prove it reliable hosting.

Customer Support – Customer Service is the primary need for any user because any person definitely faces some difficulties while setting up their blog.

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That’s how, Customer Care comes into play.

Siteground has an experienced customer support team and well-satisfied users worldwide.

Recently, Siteground won the Award for the amazing customer service.

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Money-Back Guarantee – Siteground offers 30-days money-back guarantee, it means if you want to get your money back then it will possible.

It proves how much they confident on themself and their Hosting.

Services and People’s Choice – Generally, people keep creating Voting Pole to know the public’s choice hosting.

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And in the massive list of Hosting Provider, the Siteground grabbed the #1 position.

Last but not least, Siteground is officially recommended by wordpress itself.

That’s it, I think It proved that “Why you should you go with Siteground”?

How to Purchase Hosting and Domain Name from Siteground?

Hover over to Siteground.

Choose your Hosting Plan here. It offers three types of Plans.

  • StartUp (Basic)
  • GrowBig (Recommended)
  • GoGeek (Advanced)
Start a blog
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You can choose a plan that meets your requirements. I’ll suggest you to go with GrowBig Plan as it provides more flexibility and offers 20 GB Web Space, 25,000 Monthly Visitors, also has the ability to host Unlimited Website.

Now, Enter a Domain Name you want to purchase, also select the .com extension and Click Proceed.

Also, keep in mind, you can’t change your domain later. 

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Fill your Account Information.

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Also, fill up the Client Information.

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Enter your Debit/Credit Card Information.

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Choose the Time Period, 12 Months or Above (recommended). Tick the Terms & Conditions and Click on Pay Now and Complete Purchase.