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BloggingLecture is phenomenal medium to learn about Blogging and to keep your step in digital world.

The Blog is bound by own it’s rules, which will be disclosed in this page.

How is Blogging Lecture get paid?

Our priority is to provide high quality content, the post get live after well research, analyzing, and so much factor.

As you know, We work as a team, which includes couples of great content writers, designer and backend manager.

So, Blogging Lecture is totally free for you. But it costs to us to pay our hard worker team.

Advertising Disclosure –

Blogging Lecture serve ads on its blog. It doesn’t mean that there will be any type of ads, it will appear such a ads that you are/were in search of.

The site that you use for shopping uses cookies, which enables them to show ads according to your need.

Affiliates Disclosure –

We often use some affiliate links or banners in our articles.

We only recommend the product that assures to add quality in our content and provide value to our blog readers.

The links or banner is 100% tested, and it contains only that product that is used by us and fully tested.

Now, it doesn’t mean that it will costs you additional charges. Nope, it may possible to get some bumper discount for you if you purchase any product from our link.

By suggesting products, we get some referrals commission that helps Blogging Lecture (teams) to get funded.

That’s it, if you may have more questions for us, Let us know by contacting us.