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There are several guides that help thousands of learners to skyrocket their earnings we are bound to some rules and we believe in complete transparency, so here are the things you should be aware of.

How is BloggingLecture.com getting paid?

Our priority is to provide high-quality content, the post gets live after good research, analysis, and so much factor.

As you know, We write guides and reviews of the tools that we use personally to boost our productivity and build this website.

So, BloggingLecture.com is totally free for you. And We get paid by the following methods.

Advertising Disclosure –

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We run quality ads that are served by Google itself. You might need to turn off the adblocker to read our articles as this is one of the biggest ways we get paid.

Affiliate Disclosure –

While we review any type of content on this blog we provide you the link to purchase the product and whenever you make any purchase we receive a chunk of the amount at no extra cost to you.

We might provide you the coupon and affiliates link which are purely for the purpose of the discount, you are not getting paid a single penny more but even less than the product.

Also, we don’t recommend any product that we don’t use personally.

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