6 Proven Ways to Create High DA PA Backlinks [2020]

Do you want to boost your traffic by creating high authority backlinks for your site.

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Today we’ll learn about the most used and reliable ways to Create High DA PA Backlinks.

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks is the link that links one page too another, it may be any webpage, website image, or any valid resource.

The term ‘Backlink’ in SEO means a linking of one web pages to another and also known as the backbone of SEO.

Backlinking plays an important role in Off-page SEO to optimize your article for ranking.

What is Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks?

Backlinks can be further classified in two parts.

1. Dofollow – This type of link provides link juice to the source and enables the search engine bots to follow them to increase search ranking.

It is much valuable and widely used all over the time.

Syntax – <a href=”https://www.sourceurl.com”> Source Text </a>

2. Nofollow – This types of link do not provide link juice. It only used for interconnecting the webpages.

When a webpage use this type of url means search engine bots will ignore it.

You need to use ‘rel’ attribute with value ‘nofollow’ to mark it nofollow backlinks under anchor tag.

Syntax – <a href=”https://www.sourceurl.com” rel=”nofollow”> Source Text </a>

Why Backlinks is Important in SEO?

Backlinks provides a link juice to linked pages. High Quality Backlinks provides a positive signal to search engines (like Google).

If you notice then you’ll see that only some popular websites shows up in search results.

Over 90% of the articles that publish on daily basis don’t get in touch by public readers and buries somewhere.

The website would easy to rank in search engine if it have high domain and post authority.

You are unknown to search engine and you don’t have authority. That’s why they do not shows your website in search result.

To build trust and authority of your site, you need to create backlinks. Since it is a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Mostly bloggers pay a lots of money like $100, $200 and much more money to high authority websites only for getting backlinks.

But you can also create High DA PA backlinks for free.

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How to Create High DA PA Backlinks?

There are several ways to create high da pa dofollow backlinks. Following is the 6 most powerful and effective ways Create High DA PA Backlinks.

1. Profile Creation and Embedding Links

At this time, Over 100,000+ High DA PA Sites are available to create quality backlinks.

Profile Creation always be the most powerful way to create powerful backlinks.

You only need to find such a site that allows you to create account and embed your website’s link.

For Example –

Create High DA PA Backlinks
  • Save

Facebook Page

Create High DA PA Backlinks
  • Save


Create High DA PA Backlinks
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Likewise, Create your account on different platform and embed your link in about section.

For your convenience, below is the 50+ High DA PA Profile Creation Sites List. Just copy that URL one by one, paste it in new tab and create your account by embedding your website’s link.

No. Website’s List
1. https://www.quora.com
2. https://www.medium.com
3. https://www.yarabook.com
4. https://www.twitter.com
5. https://www.linkedin.com
6. https://www.disqus.com
7. https://www.pinterest.com
8. https://www.facebook.com
9. https://www.ello.co
10. https://www.anchor.fm
11. https://www.mix.com
12. https://www.plurk.com
13. https://www.plerb.com
14. https://www.instagram.com
15. https://www.intensedebate.com
16. https://www.gravatar.com
17. https://www.peatix.com
18. https://www.500px.com
19. https://www.list.ly
20. https://www.visual.ly
21. https://www.youtube.com
22. https://www.myspace.com
23. https://www.remote.com
24. https://www.behance.com
25. https://www.weheartit.com
26. https://www.apsense.com
27. https://www.gifyu.com
28. https://www.about.me.com
29. https://moz.com/community
30. https://www.scoop.it
31. https://www.warriorforum.com
32. https://www.growthhackers.com
33. https://www.mapleprimes.com
34. https://www.gitlab.com
35. https://www.viki.com
36. https://www.blip.fm
37. https://www.devpost.com
38. https://www.stampsy.com
39. https://www.ideafit.com
40. https://www.magcloud.com
41. https://express.yudu.com
42. https://www.speakerdeck.com
43. https://www.issuu.com
44. https://www.pbase.com
45. https://www.vk.com
46. https://www.minds.com
47. https://www.pearltrees.com
48 https://www.deviantart.com
49 https://www.edocr.com
50. https://www.tumblr.com

2. Response Submission

My Response is On My Own Website” is a bunch of websites that allows other websiters to create high quality dofollow backlinks for free from their sites.

To build backlinks from these sites, open any response submission site in New Tab, Move to the last section of Page.

You’ll see “My Response is On my Own Website” option under Comment Section, just click on that.

Create High DA PA Backlinks
  • Save

Now, Enter your Article Title, URL, Site Name, URL, Author Name and Create Reference.

Create High DA PA Backlinks
  • Save

Now, your response has been created.

You can find these websites by searching on Google, also for your convenience below is the ‘List of My Response is On My Own Website’.


3. Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 are the sites created by you for your own purpose.

These types of websites easily get indexing in search engines and in control of you, as you creates it.

If you create Web 2.0 site then you will get a subdomain interconnected with Brand’s Domain (e.g. – yoursite.brand.com or brand.com/yoursite).

And then if you build backlinks from that Web 2.0 Sites for your main website, you’ll get high quality dofollow backlinks.

You can find Web 2.0 Sites List. But for your convenience below is the 50+ Web 2.0 Sites List.


4. Infographics

Infographics means information from graphics. You can provides a visual info by a diagram or chart.

Create High DA PA Backlinks
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If you are using infographics or want to use in future, then you can build quality backlinks from it.

When you publish infographics in your article, you need to add a code below that, so that if any websiters who want to use that infographics, can simply use it by embedding that code in their article.

Magical thing is when any user clicks on that infographics, they will automatically redirect to your article.

Sounds astounding?

Let’s have a look and create a embeddable code for infographics.

Step 1 – First Upload your Infographics in your article.

Step 2 – Then Right Click on it and Press on ‘Open image in new tab’ then copy URL of Image from Address Bar of new tab.

Step 3 – Now Open any Infographics Embed Code Generator, like SiegeMedia.

Step 4 – There Enter your Site URL, Article URL (in which you uploaded infographics), Image URL (Infographics links you copied above).

Create High DA PA Backlinks
  • Save

Now your Infographics Code is Ready in ‘Results Preview’ Box.

Now Paste that Code in the below of your Infographic by using Shortcode blocks.

Create High DA PA Backlinks
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That’s it!

5. Inter and Exchange Linking

Linking plays a major factor in on-page seo.

Internal linking is resource that helps readers to navigate from one posts to another one.

It also helps in increasing your seo score of your article and also in boosting your traffic as well.

If you linked your old articles with your latest article, then your new readers would also navigate to your old articles.

And if you find ads on your site then it will help you in increasing clicks and impressions.

It may also increase your posts authority (PA), so you should start doing internal linking from now.

Exchange linking is the most powerful way to Create High DA PA Backlinks.

If you are in contact with some other sites, then you can approach the owner of that site to exchange the link between your and their site.

You can do so by writing a guest post on their site. Means you will write high quality posts for their site instead of Backlinks for your site.

6. Competitor’s Backlinks Analysis

Banklink analysis means the checklist of backlinks created by your competitor’s website.

By this method, you can target the website of your competitor and can create the same backlinks that your competitors created.

For this, you need Backlinks Audit tool like SEMrush, Ahrefs etc.

We’ll use SEMrush here to show you. First of all, create an account there then you’ll be able to see the competitors backlinks.

Now, Move to SEMrush Backlinks Section and type your Competitors Domain in Search box and hit enter.

It will show all the overview of that domain, Just Click on the Backlinks.

Create High DA PA Backlinks
  • Save

Then you will see the list where your competitors created backlinks for their site.

Create High DA PA Backlinks
  • Save

Now you can Create High DA PA Backlinks for your site.

Note – Since, you’re using free version of SEMrush, So you wouldn’t see much backlinks analysis of your competitors! Try 7-Day Free Trial.

Bonus Chapter – Backlinks Creation Strategies

Undoubtedly, without backlinks there is next to impossible to rank on Google, and it is necessary.

Most Done Mistakes you should avoid while Creating Backlinks.

It Looks Naturally –

Backlinks should be created in a respect manner and naturally, it should not seems to be spam.

Never create much more amount of backlinks in a day. Make a routine to create 10 backlinks a day or 100 backlinks a week, etc.

Avoid Spammy Sites –

While creating backlinks for your site, you should check Spam Score (SS) of that site.

If the spam score is more than 3% then you should avoid that site.

Create High DA PA Backlinks
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If you build backlinks from spammy sites then your website will also count in this section and may penalize by Google.

Use particular Email ID –

In some cases of backlinks creation (like profile creation), you may need email address.

Try to use your secondary email because sometimes annoying email may bore you and send you promotional emails most of the time.

Provide Valuable Links –

Only add relevant link that add value to anyone, otherwise if one don’t like your content then they will never ever back to your site.

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