7 Ultimate Points to Choose Domain Name (Beginner’s Guide)

Wandering to choose a perfect domain name for your online business or blog.

Whew, You’ve landed on the right location.

Once you’re done with perfect niche research, then your crucial step is to choose a branded domain for your online career.

While choosing a domain, take a much of time as you can because it will become your brand and it may be hassle to resign your domain later without losing your brand value, traffic and search engine rankings.

Like, If I shutdown this blog then my brand value will reduce to zero as it was in the beginning and then I will have to start a blog again from zero.

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain is the identity or url of any blog or website. It is mainly made up of Subdomain, Domain and TLD (Top Level Domain) with protocol for security factors.

Protocol – http:// (hypertext markup language) or https:// (hypertext markup language secure) is the two types of protocols.

A site using http:// protocol that means they are quite unsecured and should not provide them any credentials, like credit or debit card information.

And a site using https:// that means they are secure and you may trust on that.

Subdomain – It is the parent domain works under the main domain (e.g – deals.blogginglecture.com).

You can create subdomain easily once you purchased a domain and also able to create a different layout from the main domain.

Domain – It is the main part of your blog, This is the name that people used to find you on search engines and also can land on your site directly by putting TLD with your domain name.

TLD – Top level domain (TLD) or Extension is like the suffix that appears at the end of every domain.

It is also found in large amount, some of the most popular extensions are (.com) (.net) (.org) etc.

How to Choose a Domain Name for your Blog/Website

A domain name is the most crucial part of any blog/website. You could face some problems while choosing a domain name.

It will ease to you if you follow these points –

1. Target Niche Keyword in Domain

Include your niche keyword in domain, it will help world wide people to understand your business topics within a second.

On the other hand, Google analyze the keywords found in your domain name, it will also help you in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Go with .com TLD

Since, there are uncountable extension available in the market. But pay attention for a while then you’ll observe that the most ranked websites or blogs on Google mostly uses .com extension.

Give your best to find .com extension because it is targeted for world wide users, you can rank faster from other’s blog who use different extension by stealth.

Mostly the non-technical person also learn .com, as they definitely heard about it.

That’s why you see our blog also uses .com extension and also 137+ million other blogs/website.

By the way, there are some other extensions somewhat similar to .com –

  • .net – Targeted to Internet infrastructure Blog/Websites.
  • .org – Non-commercial organisation and Not for profit.
  • .co – For commerce, community, and company.
  • .in – Targeted for India.
  • .uk – Targeted for United Kingdom
  • .us – Targeted for United States
  • .au – Targeted for Australia

Rather than going with any other or new extension, you should go with .com TLD.

3. Add Prefix in Domain Name

If you not found your domain available, then add some prefix like ‘A’, ‘The’ etc.

It also makes your domain unique from another, e.g – TheBloggingLecture.com

4. Keep it Short, Rememberable and Meaningful

You should keep your domain short, so it looks professional and can be taken into consideration.

Try to keep it short (max – 15 characters) as possible because it may help you search engine optimization, lengthy domains are non preferable.

Make your domain easy to pronounce and remember, also clear in hearing.

Easier domain name also helps people to get in touch with your blog as your domain could be remember at the first time.

Also prefer such a domain that gives an astounding meaning, and make sense.

5. Make your domain Unique and Branded

Once you step into online field and created a blog or website, you will be known by your website/blog’s Domain.

Your domain should be unique and different, so you can create your branding. Plan such a domain that is it completely different from others then you will stand out in the crowd.

7. Grab Instantly

Domain names sells rapidly, If you selected a domain name then purchase that right away. It should not happen that you take excuse till your domain is sold.

Thanks to God, that domain names are not too expensive. You can grab that easily.

Often Done Mistakes to avoid before move on –

Some mistakes that people makes in a hurry, you should also mark it to better selection of your domain name.

  • Avoid Using Special Characters, e.g – Blogging-Lecture.com
  • Never use numbers, e.g – BloggingLecture99.com
  • Don’t include reputed brand name, e.g – TwitterDude.com
  • Remove odd words, e.g – WpConnexion
  • Try to ignore unprofessional words, e.g – BloggingSikhe.com

Oops, still have trouble to find your domain. Enter your Niche Keywords in any of the below sites and get an average idea of your domain.

  • Namemesh
  • Nameboy
  • Instant Domain Search

Where to purchase a Domain Name?

You can purchase a domain name from various sources but it may several problems. So, you should buy domain name from trusted brand.

Some of the famous brands that sells domain names are GoDaddy, Namecheap (recommended).

Note – If you register a domain for a year then it will expire after a year and you have to renew it every year otherwise you’ll lost your domain and anybody else will able to purchase your domain.

How to Save money on Domain Name Purchase?

There are some ways by which you can save money on the purchase of Domain Name –

Grab Promo Codes –

You can easily get a lots of discount by using promo code. Get in touch with coupon sites or search for promo code in Google.

If you successfully found a promo code then you can get your domain at low price.

Wait for Occasion –

Domain Registrars websites like GoDaddy and Namecheap keep bringing offers occasionally during Black Friday, Summer Sale, Diwali Offer etc.

You can get huge discount on that but make sure if there is no such occasion after few days then don’t wait more for that, because your domain may be sold out.

Grab Domain (for free) with Hosting –

You can purchase Domain with Hosting in which you’ll pay zero rupees for domain and you have to pay only for hosting.

It is highly recommended, you can read our guide to purchase domain (for free) and hosting.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Once you successfully choose a domain name, you may have some questions that should not have.

How does it cost to purchase a Domain Name?

Domain names are not too costly as you may get it in ₹1000/year and may also ₹100/year by using the tricks mentioned above.

Do I need Blog or Website to register Domain Name?

No, you can easily register domain even if you not own any blog or website.

Should I buy .in (TLD) or extension?

I would highly recommend to stick with .com TLD. If you target the Indian people to visit your blog then you would go with .in extension.

Do I’ll have to pay tax to legally own a Domain?

No, you don’t need to pay any tax or haven’t need any document proof to own a domain name.

I hope you found this article helpful, if you stuck in any part of this article, you can knock us in comment section.

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  1. I made a mistake and now I realized that it was the biggest one, Hopefully, I got this article before then I could avoid that but now I am going to buy a new domain by keeping your preferences in mind.


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